Kneeling Stools OPUS STOOLS Yoga Seats POSTURE SEATS Meditation Stools Floor Seats Zen Bench ERGONOMIC KNEELERS Yoga Stools prayer seats THERAPY STOOLS - whatever you like to call them, they are
Simply the most comfortable way to sit on the floor



Opus Stools are designed by Helen Hastings


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Opus Stools make kneeling easy by taking the pressure off your knees and encouraging good posture. The One-Knee-Up Position allows the sitter to manoeuvre and lean forwards while maintaining good posture making the stool useful in work situations.

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Occupational Therapists recommend their use for:

  • Domiciliary Health Care Workers
  • Nursery School Teachers
  • Speech Therapists
  • Chirododists and Reflexologists

They are also used as Meditation Stools, Yoga Stools and Prayer Seats as well as having many uses at Home and in the Garden.

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