Kneeling Stools OPUS STOOLS Yoga Seats POSTURE SEATS Meditation Stools Floor Seats Zen Bench ERGONOMIC KNEELERS Yoga Stools prayer seats THERAPY STOOLS - whatever you like to call them, they are
Simply the most comfortable way to sit on the floor




There are two recommended ways to sit on an OPUS STOOL

One knee up the working position

What makes OPUS STOOLS unique is the Rockable Feet that adjust automatically to the sitters position.

The One-Knee-Up Position is the working position. It allows the sitter to manoeuvre and lean forwards whilst maintaining good posture. If you have to sit on the floor to get a job done you will find that sitting on an Opus Stool can take the weight off your knees, prevent loss of circulation in the ankles and help avoid backache, allowing you to focus on the task in hand.

the one-knee-up position supports the back when leaning forwards.
the one-knee-up position

Lightweight and portable - Ideal for domiciliary visits.
Reflexologists, District Nurses -
Therapists sit on an Opus Stool if they do not have a therapy couch for patients to lie on.

Nursery Teachers, Speech Therapists - Comfortable for working at child level. Children relate better with adults when they are face to face. Sit on an Opus Stool at storytime and when working at a low table.
Home & Garden - Take the strain out of weeding or DIY. Perfect for picnics and camping too.


Kneeling Position for meditation

Meditation, Prayer and Yoga - In the kneeling position the spine is effortlessly poised and the lungs have their  full  capacity; breathing happens naturally from the lower diaphragm.

Good for Posture - Improve your posture and ease your backache while watching TV or for sitting at a low table.

the kneeling position